May 11, 2018
September 5, 2018

The Hive Holiday Hair - busting the myths, unlocking the secrets and the products you actually need in your life.

So we’ve had a bit of a blog hiatus. Sorry, to confess, we’ve been on a lot of holidays. You may call this selfish, but we call this research. So dedicated are we to your hair, that we’ve spent a few weeks in the sun putting our hair to the absolute limits and making our products work hard. It’s been tough- but worth it. These are some of the things we’ve found out.

Can pool water turn your hair green?

In some cases yes, it can add a tinge of shrek to your glossy balayage. Blondes are more at risk because the hair is more porous than other colours and the high concentration of copper compounds dissolved in the pool water can ‘cling on’ more easily.

Philip Kingsley Swimcap protects by drawing in moisture and essentially waterproofing the hair shaft. This was developed for the US synchronized swim so if it’s good enough for them...

Even if it doesn't alter the colour it does make it pretty dry and dull. So to counter this by using products that are super hydrating. We would recommend using the Label M Protein Oil and / or diamond dust leave in conditioner to help protect hair from colour fade and breakage. You can buy all these products in salon direct from our team.

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Don’t just sunblock your skin

Exposure to UV is just as damaging to your hair as it is to your skin. The sun’s rays will burn both the inside and outside of the hair follicle so, as you would expect, hair becomes dry, brittle and a bit straw like…. Not good.

Using a product with a UV protection, like the Label M heat protection spray (available in salon), will protect your hair from the sun’s rays. Plus this particular product will add texture to your hair allowing you to create tousled beachy waves….

Book in before you go away

It might be tempting to leave a cut until after your holiday but we do recommend you at least take off those split ends which are more vulnerable to damage from sea, sun and pool water. Plus we can advise on a few quick beach hair hacks like this gorgeous, undone fishtail plait.

Work with what you’ve got

Holiday is not the time to fight your hair. For a start you’re contending with conditions that might be a little extreme- heat, humidity, even the softness of the water can throw a spanner in the works when it comes to your usual styling routine. Secondly, additional heat from styling tools is only going to put your hair under more stress.

Why not embrace your natural style by cleverly incorporating a few products? If your hair is fine and flyaway, add texture with the Label M sea salt spray and dry in a loose, fat plait for beachy waves. If it’s coarse and frizzy introduce a nourishing oil and conditioning treatment (we recommend Label M Honey and Oat Mask) then allow it to dry naturally, twisting larger sections of hair with your fingers so you encourage waves and curl.

Come in and talk to us about how best to embrace the natural look for your hair and which products we would recommend to achieve the best result.

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Happy holidays.