September 5, 2018

Shorter looks are harder to keep pretty when you’re on the beach or partying through the summer. Messy top knots, waves and salt-worn hair can look great in the heat but come the colder months can leave your hair looking a tiny bit bedraggled and in need of some TLC. This is the perfect time to sharpen up your style and maybe (gulp!) go for the chop. You don’t always need to opt for a classic bob to sharpen up your look. There are plenty of mid length options which are versatile enough to look like a shorter style whilst still allowing you to keep the length.

Yes, we are talking about the ‘Lob’, midi or (for the uneducated ) a shoulder length hair cut. The sort of thing you hated age 13. Now some might argue this is not a bob. Au contraire. Yes, this is longer than what granny might classify as ‘a bob’ but the slightly tapered back and sharp blunt cut give the impression of clean lines and frame the face. What’s great about this style is that it is versatile enough to be put up, look longer when straight and shorter when curled. It’s also a great way to blunt off those ends in preparation for the warmer season round the corner.

Moving us nicely onto these gloriously bouncy, wavy and messy versions.

Here’s some of our absolute faves from our beautiful clients and insta crushes…

This look is flawlessly beautiful. Hair needs to be tip top to get this level of shine and the cut needs to be sharp. Certainly a good excuse to get yourself in salon for a fresh trim and treatment for you locks. But by god is it worth it.

Kenny seems to nail every hairstyle out there. This is perfect for BIG night out glamour and almost certainly requires a big blow out or rollers to create the volume and bounce.

Go wavy and side parting like this absolute beauty. An easy way to achieve this is to dry hair naturally and use a curling wand, tongs or straighteners, tease out inch-wide strands and curl downwards leaving the ends straighter. Flip hair onto one side to make it feel slightly less undone.