July 17, 2018

So we’ve totally neglected to talk about bridal hair and it’s basically because we’ve either been a) on holiday or b) at a wedding. So, feeling a bit frazzled from endless weeks of sun and glorious daytime drinking we’re re focussing (we promise). So let’s talk autumn / winter weddings. Most importantly, nailing the hair. Here’s some of our favourite looks:

Whimsical and wispy:

Textured and relaxed styles often suit this season better. With the light changing and frosty mornings on their way, pixie-fairy hair looks pretty good against a winter’s backdrop, like this adorned fishtail plait:

And we created something similar in salon using delicate pearls entwined through the plait.

For brides wearing a low veil or none at all, a relaxed milkmaid braid can strike the balance between a formal updo and creating an undone vibe. Love this slightly wispy braid showing off a beautiful back detail.

Blow out:

Who doesn’t want disney princess hair on their wedding day? If you want this look but only have 3 months to grow 7 inches of hair then we do have the answer. Come in and see us in salon to discuss fitting Beauty Works hair extensions so you can actually get sleeping beauty princess hair like this.

We can chat to you about the look you want, prices and how to get ready for the big day. We would recommend having the extensions fitted a few weeks before and then booking in to hair your hair styled on your wedding day.

Choosing extensions not only gives you extra length but handfuls of thick, luxurious volume too.

The Hive Wedding Service

We have got A LOT of experience helping our beautiful brides and squad get ready for the big day. From preparing colour, condition and length beforehand; to being there on the day to create beautiful hair, we offer a full bridal service. Please come in or give us a call to discuss service options and pricing.

Finally, if you needed any reason to give us a call look at some of our smokin’ hot brides from the grid…